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Character: Apollo Justice
Age: 24
Canon: Ace Attorney
Canon Point: Post-AA6.

Background: A defense attorney who more or less made his name working under the ever-infamous Phoenix Wright and later on establishes his own law firm abroad to assist with overhauling that country's legal system. Full information here.

Personality: Everything that Apollo Justice lacks in height, he makes up for in loudness and dedication. His most notable traits are, in order of obviousness: his hair, his complete lack of volume control, and his commitment to finding the truth at the heart of the various situations he finds himself in. Adopted as a baby by a man who taught him to draw on his own inner strength and the importance of holding fast to his values, Apollo is often on the aggressive side when it comes to defending what he believes is right, even if at times he loses himself to the intensity of his own feelings; he never fully loses control of himself, behaviorally speaking, but in the past he's acted a bit as if he has blinders on when he becomes fixated on something and feels too strongly to see beyond the origin of those emotions. He's also shown to be very opinionated, frequently sassy, and occasionally downright rude in internal monologue and with some of his peers. Despite this, he has legitimate respect for authority and often uses polite and respectful language with authority figures, very rarely (if ever) mouthing off to people like Phoenix or courthouse personnel. He takes himself and his job very seriously, and usually responds with varying degrees of negativity to being teased or when somebody fails to see him as a legitimate opponent.

Apollo often gets off on the wrong foot with people, for some reason or another, but has also proven himself capable of moving past both his own and other peoples' poor first impressions-- most notably with Klavier Gavin, who Apollo initially takes something of an immediate dislike to and greets with suspicion and uncertainty (suspicion initially coming from the knowledge that he's directly related to someone who ultimately betrayed his trust; the rest is easy to assume to be a matter of jealousy, as Klavier is well-established as being famous, handsome, charming, and extremely skilled both in the courtroom and in his band, though some of those qualities feed back into that initial suspicion). While he's later described as still being "prickly" whenever Klavier comes up, Apollo has softened toward him considerably and ultimately welcomes his assistance when it's offered, even if that acceptance is somewhat grudging.

Professionally, Apollo is very much like Phoenix in that he demonstrates utmost faith in his clients, even if he wins by the skin of his teeth. As a junior partner at the Wright Anything Agency, he is shown to be responsible for a lot of menial tasks around the office, which's less than pleased with, but he's always eager to do actual lawyering, and any advice given to him by Phoenix, who he greatly admires, is taken to heart. He's often bossed around and teased a bit by Athena and Trucy, and while he complains noisily about it, there's very little real resistance, and he's always quick to jump to their aid when they need him (with the exception of the incident where Athena was indicted in a murder case).

Apollo's life, while largely stable at current, has also been riddled with loss; his father was killed when he was a baby (though since he was a baby he has no discernible deep feelings on the matter), he has no knowledge of the whereabouts of his mother, and his adoptive father "abandoned" him in the United States, separating him from his adoptive brother, when he was still young, and there's no mention of family members after that for roughly eight years. Much later on, his first employer out of law school was convicted of murder, and he found himself suddenly without a job, though he was nearly immediately scooped up by Phoenix (and in some ways used by him during the events of AA4). The following year, his closest friend became the victim in a murder trial, a case which as of yet has not seen proper closure, and marked what is ostensibly the lowest point of his life. Some months after this, both his adoptive brother and father abruptly reappeared in his life, a series of events which seemed to jar him somewhat. Nahyuta returned as more or less the opposite person from the one Apollo remembered, but Dhurke seemed to be content picking things up exactly where they'd left off. Apollo was actively seen to be wrestling with the pros and cons of opening himself up and allowing that bond to re-form - especially as he received a decidedly cold reception from Nahyuta - and as soon as he began to believe that it would be safe to do so, it was revealed, just as abruptly, that the Dhurke he'd met in the US was being channeled by a spirit medium, and had actually been murdered days earlier, another shocking bit of trauma for Apollo to handle.

Taking these events into consideration, his methods of coping with stress are easy to analyze, and his reactions to stress and stressful situations are central to his character. Typically, when nervous or otherwise stressed, Apollo will yell "I'm fine!", as part of a vocal exercise routine he refers to as Chords of Steel. He feels that doing this legitimately relieves stress (and indeed it does seem to), but it isn't necessarily a panacea. By and large his methods of handling stress and emotional upheaval can be described as just pushing through it and using them as impetus to perform efficiently under pressure. Stronger hurts, however, such as the death of his best friend, don't react as well to Apollo's attempts to muscle through them. Clay's murder, understandably hitting too close to home, prompted erratic and uncharacteristic behavior, such as initially refusing to leave a courtroom with an active bomb in it, and his grief eventually led him to take a leave of absence from the Wright Anything Agency in an attempt to catch the culprit on his own, by any means necessary, even if it meant convicting Athena. It's safe to say that under enough pressure, Apollo has the potential to lose his way and behave in ways that he might not under more normal circumstances (though the same could probably be said of anyone), but usually at the very least can manage his stress and keep it under wraps. He's also demonstrated some ability to grow in response to trauma: where he more or less had a breakdown after Clay's murder, after discovering the truth about Dhurke (and Nahyuta), he becomes more determined than ever to put things right in whatever way he can, and ends up remaining abroad to establish his own firm and begin to move forward, utilizing the lessons his father taught him to do good for himself and those around him.

After "loud" and "short," Apollo is probably best described as "resilient." His life has been difficult and fraught with melodrama, but he bounces back again and again, for better or for worse, and while perhaps facing everything with a very loud "I'm fine" will someday stop being sufficient, so far it hasn't led him astray, and all of his negativity is always outweighed by an even stronger desire to move forward and move up and do better than what he has done in the past.

Abilities: Apollo has the ability to sense when people are lying. The ability is largely centered around his bracelet, which he feels "reacting" when a person says something dishonest, and he believes that the bracelet grants him the ability, when it's actually a tool that reacts with the actual innate sense that he possesses. In order to catch people in their lies, he also has a sort of "super sight," which mostly just entails looking extremely closely at someone as they speak to identify things like nervous tells or other tics that indicate the exact point at which a lie is being told. In-game this is represented as viewing text/dialogue and actions in slow-motion, which I interpret as watching things so closely as to feel like time has slowed down. It's also commented upon by other characters that his eyes pretty much bug out of his head while he's doing this.

Alignment: Thras. Apollo's general M.O. is to face things head-on and somewhat aggressively, often in the face of what look like impossible odds, and as of the most recent installment, under threat of bodily harm and death. He had bravery instilled in him as a moral quality from a very early age, and lives by it, consciously or not.

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General Sample: TDM THREAD

Emotion Sample: [Nobody would ever accuse Apollo Justice of being reserved in his emotions. He knows that, he's always known it, and he knows that his particular cocktail of characteristics - including the short temper, the tendency to shout when excited, the stubborn refusal to back down even when cornered, and, of course, the habit of sassing his peers - have all created a reputation for him as an emotional person, which has ramifications.

Usually that's just to do with how people see and respond to him, though. The way the world seems to have literally darkened around him is a new one. Apollo doesn't connect the dots immediately; at first all he knows is confusion when he opens his eyes to a location that foreign is not a strong enough word to describe. It feels almost alien in a way he can't put his finger on, and the last thing he remembers-- as soon as he recalls it he has to rub his eyes, as things seem to be going kind of dark and... misty? Foggy? There's certainly some kind of condensation thickening in the air around him, and a breeze pulls insistently at his clothes, beginning to nip harder the more he looks around and is simply unable to place his surroundings. Where is he? How did he get here?? How is he supposed to get back? The harder he thinks and the more he worries, the darker and fog-choked the area seems, and the breeze strengthens into wind, although it somehow doesn't dissipate the fog.

It's too well-timed to really be a coincidence, and on a desperate, panicked guess Apollo wonders if the environment is literally responding to his confusion and anxiety. If that's the case, resolving the situation seems simple enough, and at this point he'd probably try anything, even if the very notion of being calm right now is downright laughable.

But regardless of the circumstances surrounding the sudden, bizarre weather phenomenons, he tells himself - firmly - that he can't lose his head because of some fog, or because of a nasty wind chill.]

I'm fine. [he murmurs, closing his eyes.] I'm fine. [He doesn't feel any warmer, but the familiar mantra starts to soothe him nearly immediately.

There are people who he saw not long ago (immediately before this, in fact) who would push him to be brave now. Even if he doesn't know where he is or how he got here, there's nothing to be gained from standing around in a panic. The only real choice is to move forward, wherever that ends up taking him. ...the encouragements don't feel like his own, and maybe they aren't, but any port in a storm-- and this does seem to be some sort of storm.]

I'm fine. [Louder, more intent, doing his best to fake it until he makes it, and now he does feel a little bit calmer. The wind grows a little gentler again, and Apollo tightens his fists, summoning up any courage he can scrape together, willing himself to find strength, and find calm through that.] I'm Apollo Justice, and I'm fine!!

[And just like that, the wind dies down entirely, and the air around him feels less oppressive. When he opens his eyes, everything looks much lighter. Some mist still lingers, but as he looks around again, it, too, begins to fade completely. He no longer feels rooted to the spot by fear; there's warmth in his chest, now, emboldening him as the sun begins to shine. No matter where he is, he'll be fine. There was never any other option.]

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